Treasure Evolution Munzees

The newest munzee sticker in the Evolution universe.

The TREASURE Munzee! Gold Coin, Bag of Gold Coins, TREASURE!

Available now from Authorized Resellers. Click HERE

Munzee Prize Wheel Stickers!

Yes, they’re now available from Munzee Madness, for a limited time only.

Click HERE to buy a whole bunch 🙂

WallaBee’s One Year Under New Management

Hey, it’s almost been one year since Munzee acquired one of the premier geo-collecting games around, WallaBee. To celebrate that anniversary, there’s going to be some cool stuff happening. One of those things is a Friday Night Meetup on September 23rd, at Gold’n Coins in La Habra California! Checkout the WallaBee forums for more information, or the event page on Facebook by clicking HERE.

Friday Night Meetup

New Mini Sized Munzee Stickers

Ever feel like everything’s getting smaller? Salaries, lattes, vacation time, cars? Well, sometimes smaller is better. Case in point, the new Mini sized stickers available from authorized Munzee Resellers. Motels, Hotels, Diamonds, Rubies, Urban Camo and for the first time from resellers, the Aquamarine. They’re all the new, small size stickers, easier to store, easier to blend in when deployed.

Check them out by clicking HERE 

AquaMarines tiny

FIRE Mystery Munzees

Fire Munzees Small






They’re HOT! And they’re LIVE and ready to SHIP!

Click HERE to order!

How do they work and what are the points?

50 points for deploying!!!
60 points split between the Capper and the Owner!!!

When captured, the Fire Mystery lights three fires withink 1 mile on greenies. These will burn for two hours or until capped.

Capping these fires results in two possible outcomes:
1. There is an 80% chance that the fire will extinguish. For putting out the fire, the capper will receive 50 points and the owner of the host greenie will earn 10 points.
2. The other 20% is a little more dangerous. These fires can also burn you. If you get burned, you will LOSE 5 points. The owner of the host greenie will still earn 10 points.

There is a LIMIT on how many Fire Mysteries can be ordered each month.
The maximum number of Fire Mysteries allower per Munzee player is 50.
This limit will be strictly enforced, please do not order more than 50 per month.


Reseller Unique Munzee Stickers – Brand New


RUMGREAT new product available now from

Munzee Madness Reseller Unique Munzees!

Points: Capture – 15 points Deploy – 25 points Cap On – 10 points (that is a hyphen not a minus points…lol)

Player will earn a badge after deploying 5 stickers from any single reseller. (badge will be retroactive as it will not be ready until next month after the Easter events)

A single icon will appear for any RUM (Reseller Unique Munzee) deployed no matter which reseller.

2 icons will be earned by player when capturing a RUM. The reseller icon as well as the individual reseller of that sticker.

To order some now, click HERE.

Read the official Munzee Blog post HERE.

Munzee Madness 5 Event Weekend

MM5_ShirtMunzee Madness 5 is fast approaching!

Five separate events over Friday, March 4 and Saturday, March 5.

Yorba Regional Park in Anaheim, California.

Lots of Badges, Special Icons and POINTS will be available.


Checkout the website, click HERE, for all the info, including how to pre-order you event T-Shirt!

Munzee Calendar Link: HERE

Facebook Event Link: HERE

Munzee acquires WallaBee

Another Great geo-location game. If you haven’t checked it out, you should give it a try. Currently only available on IOS, Android app plans are in the works.Swag

Click HERE to learn a little bit more about WallaBee.

Click HERE to help Kickstart the Android development.

WallaBee is a very addictive collecting game, munzee madness says check it out 🙂

Munzee acquires WallaBee

WallaBeeScreenShotFrom the WallaBee Blog:

“As you know, we made a difficult decision a few weeks ago to shut down WallaBee which we were then able to reverse shortly afterwards. I can now share that the reason we were able to get back up and running is because we have been acquired by our good friends at Munzee effective from the beginning of September 2015. In terms of how this affects everybody, our priority when negotiating a deal was to ensure that WallaBee would continue as it is and that any transition would be seamless. For the past few weeks, the development team at Munzee have been hard at working inspecting our code and patching up bugs to improve things and this should have been noticeable with the latest item releases. Similarly, they have also been working with Andy on new set designs and the recently begun “Straying Alive” set has been created and managed entirely by the new team.

The app will continue to run as it always has done as a separate entity (i.e. it isn’t going to suddenly be merged with the existing Munzee app). However, Munzee have far greater resources than we had on our own and will be able to execute on a number of our plans we had made for the future. I won’t make any announcements today but the new CEO, Rob, will post a message tomorrow with some details of their plans for the future.”

This looks like a fun new adventure. Rob, Scott and Daniel will comprise the new leadership at WallaBee, along with other Munzee staff pitching in when needed. Andy from WallaBee will stay on board as well.

Also from the WallaBee official Blog:

“Here are a few answers I know you might like to hear up front:

  • No, the WallaBee name isn’t changing!
  • There are no plans to change any of the core gameplay elements.
  • Andy will remain in charge of the graphic designs in the game.

What can you expect from the future?

  • The ability to purchase WallaBee gear or merchandise.
  • I’m happy to let Android users know that we will begin production soon on an Android version of the app. No timeframe for release is available yet.
  • The Munzee and WallaBee games will not be integrated into each other for the forseeable future. They are standalone apps under the Munzee Inc umbrella.

Additional possibilities you might be excited about include:

  • The relaunch of player uniques.
  • Exciting new sets, fun mixes and artwork.
  • Increased player driven designs.”

I just started playing a couple days ago, and I’m hooked. Give it a look, I think you’ll have fun.

Friend me on WallaBee: Cali49

Checkout the WallaBee website HERE

New Mini Mystery Munzees

Now available at

Checkout the combo packs for different options.